#12 Durdle Door, England

One of the downsides of living in London is the lack of wild nature. There are plenty of parks, but fans of the outdoors like me are unlikely to be fully satisfied with a green lawn and some trees. Thankfully there are a few good options just a couple of hours away by train, one of them being Durdle Door – a massive rock formation on the Dorset coast that is nothing short of stunning. You can reach it the easy way by driving there, or the hard way by taking an early train to Weymouth and walking to Lulworth Cove for the train back to London.

This is actually a very popular hike (not as popular as the Seven Sisters, though) and chances of being completely alone are quite slim. Still, the 18-kilometre trek offers excellent views of rocky cliffs throughout. It also offers a decent physical challenge since some of the cliffs are very steep and the wind is relentlessly ever-present. Despite this, since the Durdle Door is located near the end of the trail, the reward for the effort couldn’t be better. One of the funnest day trips from London, no doubt.

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