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#24 Angkor Wat, Cambodia

The world is full of overrated attractions, but Angkor Wat is not one of them. I mean, the temple complex alone – which dates back to the 12th century and is considered the largest religious structure in the world – is a sight to behold and I doubt anyone would ever even try to deny it. There’s so much to explore. However, its biggest attraction is watching the sunrise in front of the main temple building. 

As with most of these sort of events, there’s a slight tendency for overcrowding. Angkor Wat is no exception. I usually joke that sunrise at Angkor Wat is an intimate experience in the company of hundreds of other people! Still, it’s worth it. I guess the trick is to try and get there early and claim a good spot. As soon as the sunlight starts painting the sky in pastel shades, you’ll quickly forget about everyone around you.