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#31 Brussels, Belgium

When it comes to the old European capitals I’m sure Brussels is the most underrated of the lot. It is often frowned upon, for some reason. However, I must say that I’ve always had a great time there. It’s not Paris or Amsterdam but it sure has a lot to offer. The Centre is as splendorous as you’d expect, filled with architectural goodness and dripping with culture. Not to mention the irresistible gaufres around every corner!

Now, while the UNESCO-listed Grand Place – the gorgeous main square – is still the main attraction, I’ve always been more fascinated by the Atomium. It’s one of those landmarks that really stand out for being so… odd, I guess. Built in 1958 for the World Fair it now hosts a few exhibitions and an observatory. Is it worth a visit? Despite being located a bit far from the centre I’d say so. It’s not like there are many atom-shaped landmarks out there to enjoy.