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#5 Uyuni, Bolivia

Welcome to one of the most stunning places on Earth: the Uyuni Salt Flat! Not just any salt flat, mind you, the world’s largest salt flat. Part of what makes it so incredible is the fact that it’s a desert of salt, sort of. This high-altitude adventure set above 3,500 metres is usually done as a multi-day trip from Uyuni (in Bolivia) to San Pedro de Atacama (in Chile). 

During the tour you are presented with a multitude of spectacular sceneries, each one crazier than the other. But the most impressive thing for me was the vastness of the salt flats. Since there are no roads or marked trails, the drivers really need to know their way around. How they manage, I don’t know. But damn, it is impressive. To this day I’m yet to have a more spectacular “5-minute break” anywhere in the world!